New and improved:

My new portfolio site has just been turned on, launched, gone hot, whatever the kids are saying today.

Take a gander at

A few things I wish to note:

First, once again, the one-man-web-think-tank, Benjamin Diggles takes all the credit for putting this together, design and code. See his portfolio here, his music here, his blog here, and the company he works for here – (I’m always in awe at how many projects Benjamin is working on at any given moment). Benjamin and I have known each other since we were 9, and as far as I’m concerned we’re brothers, so I’m proud that he’s the one working on this, means a lot to me.

Second, I want to thank all the photo editors, art buyers, agents, and so on and so forth that took the time to give constructive criticism regarding my previous site. I’m not a web head, nor even know that much about it, so the opinions from those people who look at pics online all day was and is invaluable. I think it’s great when people in those positions take the time to offer unprompted ideas to improve something like presentation.

Last, as I’ve told Benjamin 85 times, I’m really excited about this site. For what it’s worth coming from someone who isn’t web oriented, I think it’s perfect for my work.


5 Responses to “New and improved:”
  1. of course i am the first to comment.
    i love your photos and i love you – therefor i will always do your site.

    i agree that this is the best to date. more to come suckas!

  2. Kelly says:


    Can you take a portrait of me someday so that my grandkids can look at it and say, “this was shot by that famous photographer, Graeme Mitchell”?

  3. gerren says:

    graeme, this site has a little bit of a sleeker design and enables visitors to see thumbnails in a fluid manner before looking at the work blown up. it totally agree with bejamin’s user interface choices with a very firm ‘amen’. i’m also very excited to see a clean, non-flash based photography website. really it’s a beautiful thing (esp. to any web developer).

    i’ve been checking out your photos for a number of months now, and always find inspiration within your artistic perspective and scope of work. i’m really glad you are still pursuing it hotly. i’ll be recommending others to look at your work as well.

    hope things are well wherever you are, whenever you are.

  4. Peter says:

    SICK SICK SICK site and work.

  5. r.fp says:

    nice benjamin. I really like how the site does not detract from the essence of the photography itself. Graeme, your portraits are incredible.