Irina Berezina, w/ Ford.

photo: by Graeme Mitchell

photo: by Graeme Mitchell

photo: by Graeme Mitchell

photo: by Graeme Mitchell

photo: by Graeme Mitchell

Stylist: Molly Williams
Hair: Hiro and Mari
MU: Fumi
Photo Assistant: Nichole Katsikas
Shot at Fast Ashleys

6 Responses to “Irina Berezina, w/ Ford.”
  1. Ryley says:

    One very simple question…

    What purpose does the model grabbing her crotch serve?

  2. Patrick M says:

    I can’t speak for Graeme, but maybe it a simple as: it’s a cool pic, or it’s fun. Until you said it, it never striked me that she was even grabbing her crotch, to me it looks like she’s just grabbing the dress. Either way, I wouldn’t try to decipher it, having seen a lot of Graeme’s work over the years here, I don’t think he has any agendas with it. Again though, I can’t speak for him, and only he knows.

  3. Ryley says:

    Hey Patrick,

    I wasn’t at all suggesting that Graeme has an agenda. I too have watched his work evolve over the years, and I’m quite sure he will provide a thoughtful response.

    I’ll rephrase the question…

    What purpose does the action of Irina grabbing her DRESS in that manner serve, if any? If you feel uncomfortable commentating on the connotations of it in a general sense – given the obvious subjectiveness of it – then maybe just share your own point-of-view as the photographer.

    I’m neither for nor against it; just purely curious, as I’m assuming it wasn’t a result of Irina’s own improvisation?

  4. admin says:

    Ryley and Patrick, I don’t feel inclined to enter into the discussion. That pose never struck me as more or less than any of the other poses other than being maybe a bit more fun and playful. But even saying that, I think, is revealing too much from my end. B/c, most importantly, what I think of it at this point really means less than what you guys think. In the Formalist sense, the picture belongs to you guys now as far as discussion.

    I do love that it made you ask a question though, Ryley.

    W/ that, yes, Patrick, I thought it was a cool pic, or I wouldn’t have shared it.

    And Ryley, I would not assume at all this wasn’t an improvisation on the models part. They often have A LOT to do w/ the poses.

    In the end, like I said, I don’t have a lot to say about it…nor should I want to imo.

  5. Ryley says:

    Thanks for responding, Graeme.

  6. Great discussion. After reviewing the image a couple of times myself, it actually looks just as cool/normal as most of the images you’ll see in any European fashion/editorial magazine out there. I honestly don’t see it much more or less interesting than most of the poses in this genre. That said, I LOVE the pose in the color image. Very well done IMHO!