Unreal City, Portfolio Edition

Hopefully this will be the last time I mention this project – I’m over it, so to speak – but as I promised in the post of the slideshow of this work, the final of the Unreal City edit is a limited edition portfolio, and having just finished the Artist Proof I wanted to share some pics.  It’s 50 pigment prints (approx 10×6.5″) mounted in a 12×12″ album of black calfskin leather.  All the materials used are archival and the rest of that good stuff.  They are signed and numbered on the inside cover.  The edition size will be four, plus one Artist Proof (the A/P will not be sold).

And please excuse the picture quality – my only digi cam is my phone.

photo: Unreal City Portfolio Edition

photo: Unreal City Portfolio Edition

photo: Unreal City Portfolio Edition

photo: Unreal City Portfolio Edition

photo: Unreal City Portfolio Edition

Okay, moving on then now.

7 Responses to “Unreal City, Portfolio Edition”
  1. Manny says:


    It looks fantastic.

    Do any of the images face each other? I ask because this is always such a difficult aspect of making a sequence. Some times two photos are more than the sum of their parts, other times they distract from each other. I end up making selects just to complement a photo.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Manny.

    I chose not to have any of the pictures face each other, so each has it’s own page. I did this b/c I wanted to let each picture have it’s own room to breathe and exist, so the viewer could approach them one at a time. But there was also the practical issue that I really wanted to use these albums and firstly, they are 50 pages, and I couldn’t afford to do a 100 print portfolio, and secondly, they have a heavy tissue between each page that would have ruined the diptych effect anyway.

    You are right though: editing and layout is a huge part of this sort of work.

  3. admin says:

    Oh, and: the first of this edition has been spoken for, but there are three remaining. Send me an email if you want pricing info. Or I will consider trade for film, c-stands, camera gear, other photo farming equipment, plane tickets, etc etc.

  4. prince says:

    Gorgeous! I want to see one in person, even though I probably can’t afford it.

  5. admin says:

    Update: the first two in the edition are spoken for now. That leaves two more.

  6. Hamish says:

    man id love to get my hands on this someday and I will when i make my way to NY , but for now i am moving to Melbourne about to begin university. My own journey about to begin.

  7. Bethanie says:

    This looks beautiful. I wish I wasn’t on a college budget! Any chance Unreal City could make it into a newsprint edition?