Stieglitz’s “Hands”

A certain favorite: Alfred Stieglitz‘s photo of Georgia O’Keeffe titled, aptly, “hands.”

photo: Hands, 1918.  By Alfred Stieglitz.

In case you’re thinking you’re a fan too and would like to have it for the ol’collection, it went for nearly 1.5 million U.S. at a Sotheby’s auction two years ago…  Worth every brass penny imo.  Not to mention probably a brilliant investment as I would imagine it would fetch much much more today with the hungry Russian and Asian art markets.

And on the topic of Steiglitz: there’s an excellent PBS documentary in the America Masters series (here), which is worth picking up.  It thoroughly explores his relationship with O’Keeffe, and shows how much he spearheaded photography and, more interestingly, modern painting.  A tireless activast for the arts.

One Response to “Stieglitz’s “Hands””
  1. doreidi pattinson says:

    ○ii realy really love this photograph and it ispired
    me to become the famous photographer i am today.
    Alot of my work is thanks to meee
    but it helped to look at your photographs =]]]
    im not saying thank to you im a photographer but it
    helped to look your work ♥