Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado is one of the preeminent photojournalists working today. Well, photojournalist may not be the best moniker for him, since as far as I know he only works on long term, large scale projects that he dedicates himself to for years. This sort of dedication and ethic is, needless to say, tremendously admirable. Furthermore, and also tremendously admired, are Salgado’s prints: they are so exquisite it’s almost unreal.

Take a close look at this first photo. It is the kind of picture that can change your perception of the function and capability of photography.

photo: Dispute between Serra Pelada gold mine worker and military police, Brazil 1986. © Sebastião Salgado.

photo: Refugees in the Korem Camp, Ethiopia 2004. © Sebastião Salgado.

2 Responses to “Sebastião Salgado”
  1. radham ramesh says:

    super photos amazing…………..

  2. Aurora says:

    Every photograph twists and tears at my soul in an amazing awakening way. I would do anything to meet him.